Project Description


The aim of TECNUN (Engineering School of the University of navarra) is to contribute to the professional, scientific and human education of prospective engineers and to provide the industry with services through the development of research projects and to educate young researchers and PhD students

Tecnun began its academic activity in the spring of 1961, and since then, Tecnun keeps a balance between teaching, research and social service, making those activities be complemented to each other.

Currently, TECNUN Tecnun has two campuses. The university campus located in the Ibaeta neighbourhood of San Sebastián has a laboratory building, the main teaching and administrative building, which was built in 1989, and the multipurpose building, which was built in 1997. The other campus is located in the San Sebastián Technology Park in Miramón. The building, which houses the Telecommunications, Microsystems and Bioengineering laboratories and research areas.

The research carried out at the School of Engineering is undertaken in collaboration with the Centre of Studies and Technical Research of Gipuzkoa (CEIT-IK4), with whom the School shares laboratories and a library. This allows scientific speculation, a necessary feature of a university, to be complemented by the practical interests of a center like CEIT-IK4, which focuses on meeting the needs of industry.

The Industrial Management Department it’s not integrated in CEIT-IK4 and develops its research, mainly, in Sustainable Development and Crisis management areas. LIFE MCUBO project is framed in the first research area.