Project Description

AIDISA (ES) ( is a non-profit association of SMEs composed of 64 agro-food industrial members. AIDISA manages Ctic Cita, a technological centre devoted to attend the research and technical needs required in the Food Industry.

The goal of the AIDISA is to promote the development and competitiveness of the sector by promoting research and technological development, innovation, increased production quality, improved competitiveness, security of its processes, training of its workers and adaptation to current legislation. To this end, the Centre provides the necessary assistance to those companies requiring specialized external support by making available a wide range of services offered by a highly qualified team operating in modern facilities equipped with the latest technology. Our facilities count three pilot plants, industrial kitchen, tasting room, physico-chemical laboratory, microbiology laboratory, auditorium and classrooms.

Our main lines of research are focus on quality and safety in production processes, development of new products, study and redesign of process technology, testing of new processing techniques and conservation, and diminishing the meat industry environmental impact.