Project Description

AIN is a Private Technological Center, owned by 110 industrial and services companies from Navarre, North of Spain. Among these companies, Automotive, Agro food, Paper, Chemical, Metal Mechanics and ICT sectors are represented. These companies stand for 72% of the Navarresse Industrial GDP of our Region. The company has participated as a partner or leader in more than 40 funded European projects in different areas. AIN employs 68 people and its turnover in 2015 was of € 4,7M.

Our mission is to provide our clients with high value technological services. We need to continuously develop new R&D projects and carry out innovative activities in order to get the state of the art of the knowledge involved in our day – to – day activity to remain as a preferred technological partner of our clients.

AIN is divided in two business units: AIN_consulting and AIN_tech. The expertise of this last unit is devoted to 1) advanced engineering solutions for industrial construction, efficient use of energy and environmental protection, 2) Unconventional systems for sensing, control and communications with activities in advanced predictive maintenance techniques and advanced data processing techniques including image processing, data fusion or data mining and 3) Nanotechnologies to improve the surface characteristics of the materials.

Since 2014, AIN is associated to ADItech – Advanced Innovation and Technology Corporation. ADItech is a private entity that brings together Navarre technology centres in the fields of Agri-food, Biomedicine, Energy and Industry.