The aim of TECNUN (Engineering School of the University of navarra) is to contribute to the professional, scientific and human education of prospective engineers and to provide the industry with services through the development of research projects and to educate young researchers and PhD students Tecnun began its academic activity in the spring of 1961, and since then, Tecnun keeps a balance between teaching, research and social service, making those activities be complemented to each other. Currently, TECNUN Tecnun has two campuses. The university campus located in the Ibaeta neighbourhood of San Sebastián has a laboratory building, the main teaching [...]


AIN is a Private Technological Center, owned by 110 industrial and services companies from Navarre, North of Spain. Among these companies, Automotive, Agro food, Paper, Chemical, Metal Mechanics and ICT sectors are represented. These companies stand for 72% of the Navarresse Industrial GDP of our Region. The company has participated as a partner or leader in more than 40 funded European projects in different areas. AIN employs 68 people and its turnover in 2015 was of € 4,7M. Our mission is to provide our clients with high value technological services. We need to continuously develop new R&D projects and carry [...]


Ceit-IK4 is a non-profit research centre that was created by the University of Navarra in 1982. Our primary mission is to carry out applied industrial research projects under contract, working closely with our clients' R&D departments. Ceit-IK4 promotes excellence in applied research by publishing non-confidential results, disseminating scientific and technical knowledge in a variety of venues, and training doctoral students within the framework of industrial research projects. Ceit-IK4 seeks regular collaboration with companies in a range of sectors (railway, aeronautical, automotive, health, manufacturing, energy and environment) and strives to understand all aspects of our clients' business in order to develop [...]

Ctic Cita

AIDISA (ES) (www.ctic-cita.es) is a non-profit association of SMEs composed of 64 agro-food industrial members. AIDISA manages Ctic Cita, a technological centre devoted to attend the research and technical needs required in the Food Industry. The goal of the AIDISA is to promote the development and competitiveness of the sector by promoting research and technological development, innovation, increased production quality, improved competitiveness, security of its processes, training of its workers and adaptation to current legislation. To this end, the Centre provides the necessary assistance to those companies requiring specialized external support by making available a wide range of services offered [...]