The IWA YWP Conference 2019 in Madrid brings together between November 12th and 15th young people from the international water sector.

Last Tuesday, Fundación Canal hosted the opening of the Congress, by Carmen Hernández, president of YWP Spain. She was followed by Fernando Morcillo, President of the Spanish Water Supply and Sanitation Association (AEAS). Both stressed the role played by YWP Spain in the sector and recalled the public service vocation of professionals in the water sector.

The IWA YWP 2019 congress is organised by YWP Spain together with ETSII-UPM, AEAS and IWA. Its main objective is the exchange of experiences, research and knowledge among young professionals in the water sector, in an exceptional framework for the development of networking and personal and professional promotion.

The Congress is structured around four main thematic sessions:

  • The water cycle
  • New emerging technologies
  • Advanced treatments in purification
  • Water 4.0
  • Water Economics and Governance

In addition to the technical interventions, within the five topics above mentioned, the Congress has a very complete program with activities such as a tour of the participating posters, as well as a session of short TEDx talks renamed YWPx.

Therefore, LIFE MCUBO, as an initiative for the optimisation of efficiency in water management, has not hesitated to join in and participates by presenting some of the results of the project, such as the successful case of Gvtarra, a demonstrator company.

Download the complete poster with the last results of the project here.