LIFE MCUBO AND LIFE NAdapta for efficient water management to cope with climate change

“Climate change is an unequivocal reality and poses one of the greatest environmental challenges for humanity.

With the ultimate common goal of reducing the environmental impact of industry and, therefore, tackling climate change, MCUBO and NAdapta teams are holding meetings for the exchange of experiences and good practices in search of synergies.

The LIFE-IP NAdapta-CC project is an integrated strategy for adapting to climate change in Navarre and forms part of the A.C.’s contribution to the international commitment to climate change.

Its main objective is to increase resilience to climate change in Navarre through intersectoriality, long-term sustainability, participation and networking, contributing to the implementation of all the actions included in the Roadmap to Combat Climate Change HCCN-KLINa.

The project focuses part of its actions on optimising water management and, therefore, has installed a series of sensors in rivers and WWTPs for the control and monitoring of urban and industrial discharges.