According to FAO, it is estimated that 70 % of the world’s water footprint is related to what is eaten. Spain is the second country with the largest water footprint in Europe, with 2461 cubic meters per inhabitant per year, which would be equivalent to spending 6700 liters per person per day.

General Mills San Adrián  is one of the ten largest food multinationals in the world and has been based in San Adrián (Navarra) since 2004, mainly dedicated to canned vegetables, Mexican food, sauces and energy bars’ manufacture. The company, which considers consumer-centred innovation to be a fundamental key, is also committed to defending the environment and preserving the planet. For this reason, it has not hesitated to join the initiative promoted by MCUBO in order to reduce water consumption in the manufacturing process of its products and cleaning of its production lines. LIFE MCUBO not only proposes the monitoring of companies’ production processes, but also proposes measures such as wastewater reuse in processes such as disinfection and cleaning of materials and facilities.

LIFE MCUBO would like to thank General Mills for their confidence in the Project. We are happy to know that more and more companies are betting on the defence of the environment and the preservation of the planet, while generating more profitable and competitive businesses.