Today, June 5, we commemorate World Environment Day, a time to raise public awareness of the problems of climate change and the responsibility of people to conserve and improve the environment.

The protection of the environment is something that affects the well-being of people and their economic development, a fact of which the United Nations was fully aware in 1974 when designating this Day. This year, in particular, the day of 5 June is dedicated to the fight against air pollution and the events will take place in China, as one of the countries most affected by it and, at the same time, one of those that is fighting most to reverse it.

Precisely, industry is one of the main air pollutants, because it is one of the largest energy producers. For this reason, MCUBO proposes a system to reduce the consumption of energy and water, thus contributing to mitigate its environmental impact.

Air pollution is identified as one of the main threats because it directly affects the health of citizens. However, the same applies to food, as food and the environment in which it is grown and produced suffer severely from its effects.

Climate change has multiple mitigation pathways and any of them is a priority, since they affect the preservation of the environment in the same way. The efficient management of water and the reduction of energy consumption are two ways of easy application for the food industry and LIFE MCUBO not only increases its applicability, but also offers important benefits for the company: increased profitability and productivity.

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