LIFE MCUBO will consolidate Végola’ s “Beyond Food” strategy, aimed at sustainable businesses for a better world.

Located in La Rioja, the company Végola, from  the RAFAEL GONZÁLEZ Business Group, joins water management and energy savings thanks to the implementation of LIFE MCUBO project, which will provide an efficient water and energy management.

The project will help Végola FrancoRiojanas  keep its “Beyond Food” philosophy aimed at achieving sustainable and healthy businesses for a better world. LIFE MCUBO’s implementation will allow the company to reduce the environmental impact related to an efficient water management as well as a substantial energy saving.

LIFE MCUBO’s introduction, from a profitability and improvement perspective, gives Végola the chance to achieve the following goals: Végola's logo
– Implementation of wireless monitoring.
– Modelling of water treatment and production processes in order to raise the means of improvement.

Végola FrancoRiojanas has always been committed to the reduction of water consumption as one of the commitments acquired in the environmental protection.

Both Végola FrancoRiojanas and all members of the RAFAEL GONZÁLEZ Business Group keep on giving a boost to the perpetuity and preservation of the natural environment and the sustainable use of resources thanks to their “Beyond Food” philosophy.

From the LIFE MCUBO team, we want to thank Végola FrancoRioja for the trust placed in the project. We are pleased to note that companies are increasingly standing for the environmental advocacy and protection of our planet, while generating more profitable and competitive businesses