LIFE MCUBO starts its second campaign with the aim of studying the processes with the partner companies. The results of the study will help to define the actions that each of the companies will be able to carry out in order to save water and energy.

With LIFE MCUBO we are contributing to a better conservation of the planet and our environment through an effective and efficient water and energy management.

It is a fact that we are already immersed in the second campaign of study of the processes which take place in the partner companies. ¡The project does NOT stop! And we keep on working because we are pleased to know that we are supporting companies such as GVTARRA, PEPSICO IBERIA and UVESA to achieve a better water and energy management. Through this project, companies finally get been more profitable and competitive while maintaining their commitment to look after the planet and the environment.

This second campaign is about carrying out a detailed study of the processes suggested by the improvement teams appointed by the three partner companies. These improvement teams are made up of professionals which, after having received a specific training through LIFE MCUBO, decide which processes to analyse more deeply. These processes will be monitored and studied with the UMBERTO and WEST mathematical models, and then replicated in the pilot plants.

The results obtained will promote decision-making and they will be instrumental for carrying out the actions which will lead to savings in water and energy consumption in companies.

From LIFE MCUBO, we want to thank the project’s partner companies for their involvement and their commitment, since, thus, they help look after the planet and, at the same time, they improve their profitability and competitiveness.

This project represents a huge opportunity for companies which want to reduce their water consumption, which means substantial savings and growth in competitiveness.