LIFE MUBO project does not stop working!
The installation of the sensors have already begun, this process will allow modelling the productive process and water treatments to work in new improvement processes.

The data collection campaign has started in the collaborators companies: GVTARRA, PEPSICO IBÉRICA and UVESA.
The data obtained will be worked to continue optimizing the mathematical models that will result in a more efficient water management.
The improvements will be validated previously in a pilot plant to finally integrate them into the company’s production processes.

As you can see, the machinery is underway to make this project a reality that we are excited about, since we will be able to improve if we work together. Thanks to the involvement of the collaborating companies, it will allow us to be able to help a better conservation of the planet and our environment with an effective and efficient management of water and energy.

Projects like LIFE MCUBO are our future and the collaborating companies have taken the opportunity to support this initiative. GVTARRAPEPSICO IBÉRICA and UVESA are companies that work to improve their competitiveness, without neglecting their environmental environment, being aware of the importance of continuing to produce with the best water and energy management.