LIFE MCUBO was showcased as one of the reference projects in the KAICIS Workshop on WATER MANAGEMENT: “How to innovate in the management of water and waste” the past month of December in Pamplona.

KAICIS are aimed at the impulse of intelligent solutions for the Comprehensive Management of the Water Cycle and the Integrated Management of Waste. 

LIFE MCUBO was showcased by CEIT IK4, Centre of Studies and Technical Research of Guipuzcoa and took place in the framework of THE MANAGEMENT OF WATER IN URBAN ENVIRONMENTS AND REDUCTION OF THE WATER FOOTPRINT.
Topics covered during this workshop included water management, the frame in which our Project was presented as a reference, waste management and circular economy.

These workshops lay the basis of the work from the companies which attended there. Moreover, these workshops spotlight the importance and future of efficient water management as a key resource in the profitability of food companies.