The excessive employment of water is one of the main problems in the agro-food industry. Therefore, this project is going to be a very important advancement for businesses, not only for the environmental issues, but also economical aspects.
Afterwards monitoring the real conditions of water & energy consumption in an industry of each sector, thanks to the modelling which will be developed during the project, the improvements will be validated in the CTIC-CITA pilot plants previously to scale up in the 3 collaborating entities.

The consortium of LIFE MUCBO is composed by 4 partners: ‘Escuela Superior de Ingenieros’ (TECNUN), which belongs to ‘Universidad de Navarra’; the Innovation Center Ceit IK4; the ‘Asociación de la Industria Navarra’ (AIN) and the ‘Centro Tecnológico Empresarial Alimentario’ (CTIC-CITA).

The project has a total budget of 911.747,00€; whom 526.747,00 € (60% of the total budget) will be funded thanks to the LIFE Programme

of the European Union.