Newsletter Noviembre 2017
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GVTARRA, UVESA, and PEPSICO IBERIA implemented the LIFE MCUBO project in order to reduce water consumption and impact on the environment.

The objective of the LIFE MCUBO project is to optimize water and energy consumption in the food industry and to reduce the environmental impact associated with its management.
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The water crisis is a common issue, LIFE MCUBO project also fights against the drought.

The LIFE MCUBO project has been developed to contribute to the reduction of the environmental impact caused by climate change and drought, as well as to support companies in making their production processes more profitable and competitive by the efficient water management.
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Presentation of LIFE MCUBO project in the 'Water treatment' day.

The aim of the congress is to act as a platform for professionals development of young people dedicated to the water sector. This objective is perfectly aligned with the LIFE MCUBO project whose purpose is to optimize the consumption of water and energy in the food industry and reduce the environmental impact associated to its management.
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The LIFE MCUBO project was launched last October 19, in the conference 'Wastewater treatment in the food industry: new opportunities'
This workshop was organized by Ceit-IK4 and constituted an opportunity to introduce the project LIFE MCUBO and represents a competitive advantage for companies in terms of: reduction of water consumption, savings, productivity, and contribution to the environment.
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The LIFE MCUBO team continues working on the water management.

The partners of the LIFE MCUBO European project have held the second meeting of the project with the aim of monitoring project deployment, both technically and financially.
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With the contribution of the LIFE Programme of the European Union