'Integrated approach to mobilise resources for resilient ecosystems and rich waters in the North Baltic Sea River Basin' LIFE IP Rich Waters will tackle some of the most serious environmental problems that affect the quality and vitality of the water bodies of the Northern Baltic Sea River Basin. The project is a partnership between authorities, [...]


'Enhanced Nitrogen and phosphorus Recovery from wastewater and Integration in the value Chain' LIFE ENRICH is an European project whose objective is to contribute to the circular economy through the recovery of nutrients from wastewater and their use in the fertilizer industry. This initiative, led by Cetaqua in collaboration with Aquatec, the Institue of Agridood [...]


'New water solutions for the mining industry: towards minimum liquid discharge and by-product recovery' A pioneering treatment system for wastewater recovery and reuse will be developed for the mining industry, partially powered by solar energy The initiative led by Cetaqua will use electrochemical and Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) technologies in a pilot plant located at [...]


Decreasing the environmental impact caused by abandoned mines on water bodies. Mining activities cause serious environmental damage to their surroundings, with considerable impacts on freshwater ecosystems. These impacts occur mainly through the discharge of polluted effluents, which may contain high concentrations of heavy metals or salts, depending on the type of mine. This environmental problem [...]

LIFE B2E4sustainable-WWTP

New concept for energy self-sustainable wastewater treatment process and biosolids management. LIFE B2E4sustainable-WWTP is a demonstration project that aims to improve the performance of overloaded extended aeration Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTPs) and protect aquatic environment against pollution caused by WWTPs effluent, at significantly reduced energy requirements by means of a novel process for upfront solids [...]


Demonstrating Nanobubbles Technology for more Sustainable and Efficient Urban Wastewater Treatment. Clean-up of wastewaters is a major problem into all European Countries, as the processes that are currently been used have a high energy demand and produce a big environmental footprint. In fact, between the 50% and 60% of the energy demand in an urban [...]


Environmentally efficient use of pesticides by localized irrigation systems. The project aim is the developing of a system for the distribution and dispensing of plant protection (pesticides and other fitorregulators) in a localized irrigation system in use in order to assess the beneficial environmental impacts that such practice would be, and compare it with the [...]


Pilot technology for aerobic Biodegradation of spent TMAH Photoresist solution in Semiconductor industries. LIFE BITMAPS project will arrange a pilot plant that will demonstrate a new and never-before attempted process for the treatment of effluents from electronics and semiconductor manufacturing. The project will contribute to the implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive 2000/60/EC by [...]

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