An environmental cost-effective activation treatment for biological failures in WWTP Around 80% from wastewater treatment plants in the EU have secondary treatment processes using activated sludge. Municipal sewage plants rely on the efficient and continuous processing of effluents to avoid the release of untreated wastewater and subsequent environmental and public health threats. Uncontrolled spills containing [...]


Low energy treatment technology for leachate valorisation Large amounts of leachates are generated in Europe and, because of their composition, having a high pollution load. The LEACHLESS project proposes a treatment model that will be carried out "in-situ" using a cost-effective novel technology that combines solar evaporation/condensation plus forward osmosis. The prototype will be powered [...]


'Technology based on biological methods for the removal of nitrates, phosphates, pesticides and other pollutants from groundwater supplies for human consumption' The LIFE ECOGRANULARWATER Project is a “Drinking water” project approved within the “Environment and Resource Efficiency” focus area of the 2016 Call of the LIFE Programme. It aims to demonstrate the efficiency of technology [...]


'Advanced Nutrient Solutions With Electrochemical Recovery' LIFE ANSWER project focuses its action on the treatment and purification of water. It is a question of properly recycling the wastewater to avoid contamination, reuse the resulting resources throughout the process and get a second use to this precious and necessary resource for life but increasingly scarce. [...]


Adding sustainability to the fruit and vegetable processing industry through solar-powered algal wastewater treatment. The LIFE ALGAECAN project proposes a sustainable treatment model of high loaded and salty effluents that combines cost-effective heterotrophic algae cultivation with spray drying of the collected microalgae to obtain a product of commercial interest as raw material for the production [...]


LIFE STO3RE is a demonstration project that aims to protect the aquatic environment against pollution caused by nitrates diffusion and micropollutants. The project will implement an energetically sustainable joint management of Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTPs) sludge and manure, to obtain a high environmental quality “biofertilizer”. LIFE STO3RE will develop an innovative and cost effective technology [...]


'Integrated approach to mobilise resources for resilient ecosystems and rich waters in the North Baltic Sea River Basin' LIFE IP Rich Waters will tackle some of the most serious environmental problems that affect the quality and vitality of the water bodies of the Northern Baltic Sea River Basin. The project is a partnership between authorities, [...]


'Enhanced Nitrogen and phosphorus Recovery from wastewater and Integration in the value Chain' LIFE ENRICH is an European project whose objective is to contribute to the circular economy through the recovery of nutrients from wastewater and their use in the fertilizer industry. This initiative, led by Cetaqua in collaboration with Aquatec, the Institue of Agridood [...]

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