Project Description

‘New water solutions for the mining industry: towards minimum liquid discharge and by-product recovery’

A pioneering treatment system for wastewater recovery and reuse will be developed for the mining industry, partially powered by solar energy

The initiative led by Cetaqua will use electrochemical and Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) technologies in a pilot plant located at the Cobre Las Cruces mine, in Seville (Spain). By demonstrating innovative treatment trains and systems to recovering high-value metals like copper and zinc, reducing salinity of water flows, enhancing water reuse and achieving ZLD, researchers seek to contribute to the circular economy. In the frame of this European LIFE project launched in October, the Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals of Poland (IMN) will study the replicability of the process in the mining sector, whereas the French SME NewHeat will demonstrate the economic viability of solar thermal energy in mining water treatment. To keep informed, follow the hashtag #RemineWater.