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The new Circular Economy Action Plan, a further step in the regulation of urban wastewater reuse

By | May 20th, 2020|Project Meetings|

On May 13th, the European Parliament adopted in plenary session the new Water Reuse Regulation. This is a set of important new rules that establish the minimum requirements to allow the safe use of treated urban waste water in agricultural irrigation. «Today marks another important milestone towards the transition to a circular economy for water [...]

LIFE MCUBO attends YWP Conference 2019

By | November 14th, 2019|Project Meetings|

The IWA YWP Conference 2019 in Madrid brings together between November 12th and 15th young people from the international water sector. Last Tuesday, Fundación Canal hosted the opening of the Congress, by Carmen Hernández, president of YWP Spain. She was followed by Fernando Morcillo, President of the Spanish Water Supply and Sanitation Association (AEAS). Both stressed [...]

LIFE MCUBO AND LIFE NAdapta for efficient water management to cope with climate change

By | October 28th, 2019|Project Meetings|

LIFE MCUBO AND LIFE NAdapta for efficient water management to cope with climate change "Climate change is an unequivocal reality and poses one of the greatest environmental challenges for humanity. With the ultimate common goal of reducing the environmental impact of industry and, therefore, tackling climate change, MCUBO and NAdapta teams are holding meetings for [...]

LIFE VERTALIM and LIFE MCUBO address efficient water management

By | October 23rd, 2019|Project Meetings|

As part of the project, various monitoring campaigns have been carried out with the aim of getting to know the companies' functioning and water consumption. Companies such as UVESA, PEPSICO IBERIA and GVTARRA have gone through this process, in order to be aware of their actual water consumption. SALICA, a Basque company with extensive experience [...]

How to reduce the water footprint in food production?

By | July 8th, 2019|Project Meetings|

According to FAO, it is estimated that 70 % of the world's water footprint is related to what is eaten. Spain is the second country with the largest water footprint in Europe, with 2461 cubic meters per inhabitant per year, which would be equivalent to spending 6700 liters per person per day. General Mills San Adrián  [...]

VÉGOLA implements LIFE MCUBO for an efficient water management in order to reduce its environmental impact.

By | July 9th, 2018|Project Meetings|

LIFE MCUBO will consolidate Végola’ s “Beyond Food” strategy, aimed at sustainable businesses for a better world. Located in La Rioja, the company Végola, from  the RAFAEL GONZÁLEZ Business Group, joins water management and energy savings thanks to the implementation of LIFE MCUBO project, which will provide an efficient water and energy management. The project will help Végola [...]

The LIFE MCUBO Project continues to move forward with monitoring campaigns.

By | July 9th, 2018|Project Meetings|

LIFE MCUBO starts its second campaign with the aim of studying the processes with the partner companies. The results of the study will help to define the actions that each of the companies will be able to carry out in order to save water and energy. With LIFE MCUBO we are contributing to a better [...]

Know our LIFE MCUBO project with our informative panels.

By | January 26th, 2018|Project Meetings|

The partners of LIFE MCUBO project, formed by: AIN (Navarra Industry Association), TECNUN (Advanced School of Engineers of the University of Navarra), Ceit-IK4 Technology Centre and Ctic Cita (Food Technology Centre) continue working to reduce the environmental impact and make real the challenge of efficient water management. LIFE MCUBO consortium has made the informative panels of the [...]

LIFE MCUBO as a case study of digitisation in the production processes

By | January 11th, 2018|Project Meetings|

LIFE MCUBO project showcased at "CASOS DE ÉXITO EN INDUSTRIA 4.0" workshop held at La Rioja’s Technology Center. The objective of the workshop was to share success cases linked to digital transformation actions in the industry. Therefore, the LIFE MCUBO project was particularly relevant for this workshop, since it is a clear case of process [...]

Presentation of LIFE MCUBO in the conference ‘Wastewater treatment in the food industry: new opportunities’

By | November 23rd, 2017|Project Meetings|

The LIFE MCUBO project was launched last October 19, in the conference ‘Wastewater treatment in the food industry: new opportunities’, where the current situation of the available technology in water treatment and management in the food industry was discussed. Moreover the strategies of circular economy in water management of this industry were analyzed. This workshop [...]

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