The EUWIC brought together over 1,000 people on 11-12 December and was attended by the EC’s Director General for the Environment, Daniel Calleja; the EC’s Quality of Life Director, Veronica Manfredi and the UN’s Ecosystems Director, Susan Gardner.

Within the framework of this international meeting of the water and innovation sector, LIFE MCUBO organised a meeting that included presentations where LIFE project managers presented some of their concerns, challenges and results:

  • LIFE MCUBO – Technologies 4.0 for sustainable water management, by Javier Santos (Tecnun);
  • LIFE VERTALIM – Integration of high organic and/or saline load discharges from small food industries in urban sanitation systems, by Mónica Gutierrez (AZTI);
  • LIFE ECOGRANULARWATER – Innovative technology for the elimination of nitrates, pesticides and other compounds present in groundwater intended for human consumption, by Bárbara Muñoz-Palazón (University of Granada);
  • LIFE MULTI-AD 5 AGRO SMES – High-performance multi-stage anaerobic reactor for the treatment of wastewater from agri-food companies, by Ana Martínez (ITAINNOVA).

The conference ended with a round table discussion on some of the concerns common to the different projects, such as the regulations on reclaimed water, the barriers established many times by the industry itself on the issue of water reuse and consumer perception of such reuse.

The EUWIC showed that innovation and new technologies are the way forward to achieve a new governance of water resources and tackle climate change. The agri-food industry, in particular, consumes 70% of the fresh water available on the planet and, therefore, optimising its management is one of the main challenges both for the industry itself and for the rest of the agents directly or indirectly involved, such as government bodies and the consumer himself.

“The agri-food sector consumes a significant amount of water. Reducing this consumption is possible by monitoring it through wireless technology. This, can save up to 40%“. See the full interview made by Aragón TV to MCUBO coordinator, Javier Santos, in the following link: (min 15:21).