Government of La Rioja, MCUBO and FER united by efficient water management

On Friday 18 October, LIFE MCUBO and the Federation of La Rioja Companies (FER) organised a business breakfast to highlight the importance of efficient water management in order to reduce the water footprint of the food industry and its environmental impact.
The General Director of Reindustrialization, Innovation and Internationalization, Nathalie Beaucourt, was in charge of opening the day, accompanied by Sheila Argaiz, head of the International Department and Secretary of Agrifood Associations of the FER; and Clemente Bea, manager of Ctic Cita.

The opening was followed by a series of presentations made in the context of the MCUBO project by Javier Santos, coordinator of the project, and Diego Garrido, Innovation Director of the Riberebro Group, who presented the results obtained after monitoring and modelling the production processes as well as the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) of one of the companies in the group (Gvtarra).

During the conference, the Digital Transformation Office (OTD) also had the opportunity to present companies with a series of tools on which to rely in order to face these efficiency challenges. The closing ceremony was given by AEMA Group, with a presentation on the optimization of yields and new technologies in wastewater treatment plants of agro-food industries and warehouses to achieve efficient water management.

The meeting was attended by 40 people, coming from the different sectors involved, who were able to get to know different ways of reaching the ultimate goal: to carry out efficient water and energy management in order to be more profitable and competitive.