LIFE MCUBO and EMPAL meet in a training day to reduce water consumption in companies

«Industrial and domestic demand for water will grow much faster than agricultural demand, although the agricultural sector will continue to be the world’s largest consumer of water». (UNESCO, 2018).

Next Wednesday, October 17, LIFE MCUBO will participate in the training action «Saving on water consumption in companies», organized jointly with the Algemesí Business Group (EMPAL) and the company VIALTERRA.

The event, taking place in the Centre Polivalent de Algemesí, will present companies with innovative solutions that help make water management better and more efficient. The main part of the day will focus on the LIFE MCUBO Project, which will feature the participation of Javier Santos, project coordinator (Tecnun); Jesús Pelegrino and Paloma Grau (Ceit), and Elisa Valderrama (Ctic Cita). It will be followed by a visit to Agriconsa, a local juice and canning company, equally aware of the cause. Reducing water consumption favours not only the economy of the company, but also its impact on the environment, making it a strong competitor in the market.