LIFE MCUBO project showcased at “CASOS DE ÉXITO EN INDUSTRIA 4.0” workshop held at La Rioja’s Technology Center.
The objective of the workshop was to share success cases linked to digital transformation actions in the industry.
Therefore, the LIFE MCUBO project was particularly relevant for this workshop, since it is a clear case of process digitalization in the food industry applied to three subsectors: meat sector, canned vegetables sector, and juice sector, which are the most water-consuming in the whole food industry.

Its implementation represents a practical case of digitalization in production processes. Data achieved from such digitalization help in and facilitate the decision-making process in order to save water and energy, manage such energy resources more efficiently, and be more profitable.

LIFE MCUBO proposes the implementation of novel low-cost wireless monitoring technologies. This is made possible thanks to the Plug&Lean system, which allows for a detailed modelling of the regular processes of each sub-sector. As a result of this, improvement measures can be proposed, and its effectiveness can be demonstrated prior to implementation by simulating scenarios, which facilitates the decision-making process and mitigates risks.
The expected results of LIFE MCUBO project include:
– Water consumption reduction
– Efficient management.
– Ongoing improvement.
– Implementation of an ongoing improvement strategy dealing with environmental and production issues.
– Simultaneous monitoring of productivity and water and energy consumption.