Climate change is intimately connected with the water. One of the main effect of climate change occurs in people and the environment through the water. Currently, water has become one of the higher value products around the worldbecause of its scarcity.

The United Nations Organization (ONU) estimates that by 2025, 1, 8 million citizens will be living in regions with drinking water shortage. In fact, scientists have demonstrated how climate change could reduce the amount of accessible drinking water on earth.

The LIFE MCUBO project has been developed to contribute to the reduction of the environmental impact caused by climate change and drought, as well as to support companies in making their production processes more profitable and competitive by the efficient water management. In this way, we demonstrate our commitment to contributing our grain of sand to to fight against drought all over world.

From LIFE MCUBO we are convinced that improvements in water management and water consumption habits are required for water crisis handling.