The LIFE MCUBO project was launched last October 19, in the conference ‘Wastewater treatment in the food industry: new opportunities’, where the current situation of the available technology in water treatment and management in the food industry was discussed. Moreover the strategies of circular economy in water management of this industry were analyzed.

This workshop wasorganized by Ceit-IK4 and constituted an opportunity to introduce the project LIFE MCUBO.

This project represents a competitive advantage for companies in terms of:
– reduction of water consumption,
– savings,
– productivity
– and contribution to the environment.

The water is a natural resource, widely used production processes of companies which usually found problems in water debugging. A correct use of water generates new needs and in this sense, the LIFE MCUBO project is working to overcome the challenge of efficient water management, through the use of innovative technologies, mathematical modeling and replication at pilot scale. Moreover the effectiveness of these measures will be checked in food companies along project implementation.

This workshop aimed at showing latest facts and trends in water management from a technical point of view to companies, universities, research centers and other agents.

More info about the LIFE MCUBO project: