The objective of the LIFE MCUBO project is to optimize water and energy consumption in the food industry and to reduce the environmental impact associated with its management, in addition to facilitating decision-making by companies to implement actions aimed at energy and production efficiency.

To date, the project has already been implemented in three companies belonging to the subsectors that consume the most water in the food industry:  meat, canned vegetables, and beverages and juices. The 3 companies that participate in the project as collaborating companies are:  GVTARRA, UVESA and PEPSICO.

  • GVTARRA, a leading company in canned vegetables belonging to the Riberebro Group and specializing in ‘ready-to-eat’ products.
  • UVESA, one of the leading companies in the production and processing of fresh, frozen, and processed chicken products nationwide. The company has two complementary lines of business: pork and animal feed.
  • PEPSICO IBERIA is the company that groups together world-leading brands of drinks, juices, and snacks. It operates in Spain and Portugal and has 8 production factories.

The introduction of our system in these companies is designed to demonstrate measures aimed at reducing water and energy consumption while not interfering with productivity, which makes them more profitable and competitive due to energy and water savings.

It is a tool that, together with the continuous improvement systems implemented in each of the three companies, will help the environment and at the same time improve productivity. The technologies used by LIFE MCUBO are wireless and non-invasive technologies that measure the production and environmental efficiency of the production processes in the demonstration companies.

The advantages for the demonstration companies and for the companies that want to replicate the LIFE MCUBO project are clear:

  • Integrate water management into the continuous improvement processes of the companies.
  • Allow the reduction of water and energy consumption, thereby obtaining greater profitability.
  • Favor company decision-making thanks to a novel indicator that tabulates water and energy consumption.
  • The detailed modeling of typical production processes and water treatments in each subsector will allow improvements to be planned and demonstrate their effectiveness prior to being implemented through simulating scenarios (facilitating decision-making and reducing risks).
  • Confirmation of improvements previously made in a pilot plant.

The LIFE MCUBO project is an opportunity for companies to not only do their part during times of drought and to lessen their impact on the environment due to water scarcity, but also to efficiently manage this resource.