25 years ago the European programme was launched to start with the funding of environmental projects.

The EU has supported the nature, the environment and climate action for 25 years!Logotipe -25 years ago the European programme
During this quarter of a century the impact of the LIFE Programme and its environmental benefits has been very positively evaluated.

The LIFE programme is the financial instrument of the European Union exclusively dedicated to the environment. Its main objective is to contribute to the implementation, updating and development of policies and legislation of the EU, co-financing projects in different and diverse thematic areas: nature and biodiversity, environment policy and governance, climate action…

This year, the LIFE Programme of the European Commission and of the Habitats Directive, which has successfully contributed to the conservation of the European natural heritage, is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

In order to celebrate this event, the LIFE Community is organizing a series of events across Europe aimed at publicizing the LIFE programme, which promotes the protection of nature and the commitment with the environment and climate action, as well as the considerable achievements in the environmental legislation of the EU.

These events are aimed at local authorities, the media and all stakeholders which are involved in the nature and its conservation.

Within this European programme, we would like to make a special mention of the LIFE MCUBO project that aims to minimize the environmental related to water management in the subsectors with the highest water consumption (meat, juices and canned vegetables).
LIFE MCUBO is expected to reduce more than 20% of the current water consumption, consequently it will be a great breakthrough at the environmental level.

Check out this link, where are published all the events programmed to celebrate this 25th anniversary. We would like to invite you to get involved in everything that happens in your environment and with nature.

Furthermore, LIFE has created a specific web to celebrate the 25 anniversary: www.life-25.eu.